Saturday, October 3, 2009

Unknown Hinson: King Of The Hillbilly Vampyres

Opening for Hank III, grandson of the legendary Hank Williams, for a night of psychobilly driven, honky tonk speed grass, was a disturbing, pistol wavin, Tele crankin, Nosferatu-as-Marty Stuart on a Jack binge lookin, Unknown Hinson.
A superior set of revved up twang, lust and heartache from the Charlotte, North Carolina bred crooner. I scratched my midwestern chin for a long time after that show trying to decipher if we just witnessed great country camp or some true darkness come down from the hills. Whichever, it's obvious, the devil played a Fender.
If you read the funny papers you'll discover Hinson, like Eve, has a few different faces. One of them being a fellow named Stuart Daniel Baker, who as a hired gun, did a recent run as bass player for The Boxmasters along with Billy Bob Thornton. And like Eve again, Hinson is often heard sounding Baker-esque as the voice of Early Cuyler, the hillbilly squid from the Cartoon Network's Squidbillies.
It's not that far fetched I guess, they all share a penchant for guns, party liquor, sexy women and fine guitars.

Photo of Unknown Hinson from
Photo of the Boxmasters from
And just a touch of Wikipedia...just a touch.


  1. Not the wikipedia! Aaaaaahhh!

    Seriously.... we're all a bit embarrassed to admit to a perusal of the wik. But EVERYONE'S doing it, dad. I used it this morning to check out sweat lodge lore.

    The above is great writing, Todd. Again. Guess I need to check out some embarrassingly pedestrian youtube vids for some Unknown Hinson. :)

  2. I lean on it sometimes too much to add a little more starch to the soup.