Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Why The Long Face?

No, they're not sexy. Are you worried about sexy in zero degree wind chill? Save that for a romp around the fireplace.
No, they're not cheap. Canada Goose has 50 plus years of North American, down jacket know-how built into the price.
You know how you plop yourself in front of your computer to do research on something you need and you justify paying more for it cuz it's the industry standard, the go-to workhorse that won't let you down?
And yes you're right, most of us don't live in the Canadian High Arctic and we're not employed at the National Science Foundation's Division of Polar Research at the South Pole, but before we know it, there are going to be days...weeks even, that we wished we'd made that investment in warmth.
I shit you not.

Photo of Canada Goose, Men's Expedition Parka

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