Tuesday, October 20, 2009


It's tiresome being a boomer. It must be as tiresome reading about it. I mean you've got throwback this, vintage that and retro yadda-yadda-yadda. Even the whole yadda thing is...
So I'm walking into Schuler Books, you know, the one off Alpine, and I pass a small table display of some newly re-mastered Beatles CDs. Try as I might to ignore, I spot Rubber Soul and Revolver, my two favorites, but manage to keep right on walking. Moments later I flee the premises with a birthday card and a freshly plucked copy of Rubber Soul. We head up the highway northbound to Rosie's party, eagerly tearing the packaging off the CD with a giddy wave of nostalgia washing over us (how boomersian).
I gotta say, as much as these tunes come from my favorite Beatles era, along with Revolver and singles Day Tripper and Paperback Writer, I'll continue to look more intensley for a turntable and receiver and the arguably more favored mono mix. I don't care for all the seperation and clarity. I don't like my Beatles enhanced. I like my Beatles dirty.
What IS kinda cool though, and this coming from a neophyte, is trying to pin-point the influences, which are clearly more pronounced here. Harrison's Byrdsy Rick...things along with a pound or two of Buck Owens. McCartney's channeling of Little Richard and James Brown. Lennon, (I got nuthin) and Ringo's steady, economic style which must have come from people other than himself.

Photo of George Harrison lifted from nerdboyfriend.com

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