Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shake A Tail Feather

Rhythm is a funny thing. Either you've got it, you think you've got it, or you're not foolin' anybody and could give a rat's ass cuz you're bustin' it. I fall into the latter category and there's a two drink minimum for that show.
Joan Jett stated in a recent interview in Esquire magazine that;"There's this thing that happens when a guitar chord is struck a certain way-it slightly bends out of tune and then goes back. And there's a connection from that sound right through your crotch, right up into your heart."
Well, I don't know about the heart. But if I hear certain guitars with or without bass and drums, that create a charge-and that charge bolts right into the groin and straight out through my hiney and if it happens enough times in rapid succession and you've got appendages flailing every whichway in uncontrolled spasms and people aren't just pointing, they're gettin' the hell outta the way cuz you should be locked up for having this much fun!

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