Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lumber Jac It Up

Paul Bunyan may have made a stop-over in Bemidji, Minnesota, but I doubt seriously he called it home. Hell, who could afford to feed the big lug.
But because of his size and skills with an ax, all the logging camps across the land were grateful for his help. But you've got to wonder if the other loggers were not feeling a little...inadequate? Or was it because the camp's womenfolk seemed to loiter 'round the waterfront just as Paul emerged from his bath? Was Paul run out of every camp by an angry, but shorter mob of ax wielding loggers? Or did he just simply like to travel?
As for Bemidji, it turns out, there are other points of interest. One being the Beavers of Bemidji State University and the other is Bemidji Woolen Mills. Created in support of the logging industry and warming the world since 1920.

Top right: The Voyageur's Jac Coat from Bemidji Woolen Mills from
Paul and Babe from

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