Monday, October 12, 2009

Hubba Hubba

My buddy, Jacques, dragged me up Clark Street to the Cubby Bear to see Trip Shakespeare from Minneapolis. The songs are a little fuzzy but the energy was intense. Highly percussive, hooky guitars and harmonies and the drummer was a woman. Not that that alone was provocative, but she played standing up and she WAS a powerhouse. Kinda like Sheila E., but a lot more drums and a lot more fierce. They were on the Minneapolis label Twin-Tone for a short spell, then a major label deal that lasted for 3 albums than back to Twin-Tone than goodbye.
On a sad note, that night at the Cubby Bear, I stole a t-shirt from their merch table, much like the t-shirt pictured above, in fact, exactly like it. And true to didn't fit, served me right I know. Anyhow, Dan Wilson, the older of the two Wilson brothers from Trip, went on to form SemiSonic, then wrote the hit Closing Time.

Absolutely no help from Wikipedia. Except maybe the part about the series of labels they were on, then, after that, absolutley nothing else.
Photo of t-shirt from Minnesota Historical Society

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