Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hunt Much?

Sure, I succumb to aspirational marketing probably more than I care to admit. But I also know for a fact that I'm pretty well grounded, which keeps me from indulging myself in those silly things I think I long for. When, in reality, I'm really just grounded in that empty wallet sorta way.
If it wasn't for internet discussion forums and blogs, and if you've got the time to dedicate to research, you'll find aspirational marketing doesn't have quite the effect it once had. There will always be the I Want, I Need, I Must Have. But we're dealing with a much savvier shopper these days.
Take me for instance, even if I had the doe-ray-me, would I pay $200-$300 for a new shirt?
Absolutely not. A vintage Nudie? Maybe. Would I pay $200-$300 for a new pair of jeans?
Absolutely not. A primo vintage pair of 501's? Maybe.
A $300 pair of Russell Moccasins? You betcha, no question, hands down! This 108 year old, Berlin, Wisconsin, custom- hand- made shoe and bootmaker has its heritage deeply rooted in
outdoors. Just ask Dwight Eisenhower...ok, well you can't, but you could have. Then ask Harrison Ford or Robert Redford the next time you see 'em. They'll tell ya.
Until then, do your research.
Oh, by the way, I'm starting my own version of TV 13's, Try It Before You Buy It. And uh, I'd really like to try these boots, for like a really long time. Maybe I'll call it, Try It And Just Keep It.

Photo of Russell Moccasin's Safari PH II from

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  1. Gord O. and Charlie D. would wear these when riding their dirt bikes on enduro or hill climbs....Pretty cool....