Monday, November 30, 2009

Country Club Life / The Ramshorn

The tribal gathering depicted here is much like what I recall the scenery to be at my Father's 9 hole country club. Minus the mountains, the lavish home and pool and the one Gabor sister with the two-piece, crocheted catsuit.

Even though my Pop payed some sort of monthly dues to belong to the RCC, he was probably allowed some sort of group employee discount.
There was never a sense of privilege or entitlement. It was a swimming hole with 2 docks and a raft.
The restaurant and bar were no big deal really. It was just another place in town to eat, only you always saw the same people sitting in the same seats dressed in that same Sam Snead sorta way. There was nary a whiff a swanky about it.
What there was was: Golfball diving with the carp, swimming out to the raft and secretly lurking underneath in hopes of catching a carnal glimpse of some older, high school gal's nether regions, golf lessons with Earl Hanson, the club pro, Mother and Father's Day brunches, Der Klommpen Klub (or Key Club to those in the know) and parking at the nearby church and slinking across the fairways at night to skinny dip in the lake without alarming the groundskeeper.

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  1. Ramshorn...sorry for almost drowning you there:) As a kid it seemed classy to me. The green carpet in the restaurant lobby, fake flowers in women's bathroom along with necessary deodorant, hair spray, and lotion...I mean what public bathroom have you been in that has these key items in stock:) To me this is class (lol. Maybe it was just how gram carried herself, she was always a classy lady and I think of them when I think of Ramshorn.

  2. I don't remember the men's clubhouse area being so well outfitted.Many family functions took place there actually. Thats a whole other thought process