Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Yorkie

After a few different configurations, the Royal York of Toronto opened its doors on June 11th, 1929 by his Excellency Viscount Willingdon, Governor General of Canada. At 28 floors, the tallest building in the British Empire, set back the Canadian Pacific Railway a cool $16 mill. Rooms were 2 bucks then and the dining room served grilled Lake Ontario trout for 85 cents and Filet Mignon for $1.75.
Canadian Pacific Hotels and Resorts became Fairmont Hotels and Resorts in 1999 and the Royal York became a part of one of the largest luxury hotel chains in North America right in there with the Savoy in London, Banff Springs Hotel in Alberta and the Fairmont San Francisco.
They say Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II likes to hang at the York when she's in town so you gotta know their draught beer, corned beef and kraut probably ain't too shabby.

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