Monday, November 16, 2009

Da Moose

This was the scene last Saturday night at the Fraternal Order of the Moose in Fremont. The irony is that these girls weren't screaming in anticipation of our next song, it being Steak Fry Night, they were reeling in hopes that the next hu-mungo meat and baked potato they saw the waitress toting from the big-ass grill out back had their name on it.
Jacques on his new/old White Falcon along with Davy Stanton from the Concussions had many a "fat guitar" in their arsenal. Mitchell Wood from Dutch Henry and I provided the rhythmic swagger that drove these women to the pinnacle until their dinner arrived.
By the end of the second set, the grill was cooling down, and so was the crowd.
We gave it our best, but sometimes an evening is measured by the weight in ones tummy. Stick a fork in it lads.
Thanks to all who enjoyed it...and to those who made it home and slid back in their respective recliners while we climbed back up for set 3 and played probably the best set any of us has ever played in our lives.

Photo by Stan Wayman for Life Magazine, 1964

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