Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Whell Doggys

Yeah, you'll be gettin' stares in this sled baby, all the way to the petro station. Not known for sippin gas, its a bit like the peanut tank on a Sporty, you gotta slosh the tank around at every stoplight to make sure you make it to the next stoplight.
The '66 Ford Bronco was created to compete with the Jeep CJ5 and the International Scout. The initial 3-on-the-tree 6 banger soon gave way to the 289 V8. Ain't nothin pimped about this ride. It's all about utility. Wrench the top and doors off and the chicks and fellers will be a diggin you from here to Hermosa Beach. Then again, you might want to stick a little closer to home, being a '66 and all. And the whole gas thing of course.
At one time they were delivered with factory CB. "BREAKER-BREAKER... I SAID BREAKER-BREAKER ONE NINE, I GOT ME A SMOKY ON MY TAIL...OVER?"

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