Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ol' Boss Sure Can Cowboy

I'm not a HUGE Kevin Costner fan, but like in most people, there are glimpses of goodness.
Open Range is one of those glimpses. Even the added documentary disc on the making, location, costume and set details was dang cool.
The setting is a spacious, beautiful North American locale, Alberta, Canada actually and the cinematographer purposely uses the scenery as an equal part character in the film without detracting from it.
I like my buddy films and this is no different. You can't do much better than posting Robert Duvall (Bluebonnet"Boss"Spearman) in as the other half with Kevin Costner(Charley Waite) as a couple of tired and dusty free-range cattlemen looking toward the end of their careers. You can hear and feel the unspoken admiration, loyalty and trust between the two thats implied rather than flaunted. Which is cool to pick up on from anybody anywhere. It makes you feel lucky to be fortunate enough to have that with somebody.
It's two dudes against the town in a good way, but you're too caught up in the minute details to notice any cliche.
Michael Jeter, plays Persy, who runs the town's livery stable is the cherry on top of the whipped cream on top of the banana on top o' the ice cream.
I can't say enough about Robert Duvall, or Bobby, as I call him. He's a joy, I 'd watch him in pert near anything. As for Kevy Costner, he stepped up to the plate on this one.

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