Monday, November 9, 2009

Medallions Of Veal

Just because I had an aunt who lived outside San Diego and my folks, who at one time, lived in Riverside for a spell while my Pop was in the service, I fancied myself as an authority on the Southern California country rock scene, at least from an Eagles perspective. I mean my roots, if not somewhat displaced, lay claim to that, don't they? It also helped that Glenn Frey is from Royal Oak. That in itself invoked a special, if not fairy tale, kinship with this fellow Michigander. Bob Seger? Enh...not so much.
To be an authority, one must root around, rummage a little. In dissecting the Eagles, you'll eventually come across Poco. Dip into the Poco archives a bit and you'll find they were at managed by John Hartman, who in turn, happened to have a brother Phil. Phil was at the time a Cal-State Northridge grad who just happened to have a degree in Graphic Art and Design. John enlisted Phil to do album art for his clients: Poco, America and Crosby Stills and Nash. Very notable and iconic album art actually, if you recall.
Turns out, Phil had talent in spades. He went on to develope his comedic chops with Paul Reubens to create Peewee Herman, Captain Carl, co-writing Peewee's Big Adventure and then 8 seasons with SNL.
For me, Phil Hartman still lives on in the Sinatra Group, Clinton in McDonalds, Johnny O'connor and The Anal-Retentive Chef.


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