Monday, November 23, 2009

House On The Hill

3 days of peace and music was Woodstock. 5 days of parkas and training was Toronto. I didn't get to see much of Toronto this trip save for the Royal York, which I saw a lot of and a 10 second, panoramic glance at Casa Loma as the charter bus whisked by. My quick research this morning revealed its birth in 1911, it's cost then at 3.5 mill with its completion in 1914.
Sir Henry Pellatt and Canadian architect E.J. Lennox drew the first brick for this House on the Hill.
In an insignificant yet somewhat related sidebar, the Stones have often been periodic attendees of Toronto. They've often set up camp there in rehearsals and preparation for their North American tour dates as well as at one time, recording a portion of their Love You Live LP at the El Mocambo club.
Now careening down a path of insignificance, in 2003, my wife and I shuffeled our way thru a packed, late July house of 450,000 boozed up and smelly Torontonians, towards the back of Downsview Park, for the Rolling Stones Sars Benefit Concert just in time to catch Rush and AC/DC.
Towards the end of the Stones' set, Keith invited Angus on stage for some rousing renditions of just what I don't recall. But I know it involved Chuck Berry and that little scoot/duckwalk thing Angus does.
We know all this to be true for we witnessed it on one of many jumbo-trons strategically placed through out the former military base as the curvature of the earth hindered our ability to see the stage.

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