Monday, November 16, 2009

Give It To Me

As a kid, I didn't know any more about blues artists than I did the dangers of a Pinto gas tank. I remember the Stones' album cover of Out Of Our Heads as much as I remember one brother continually picking up the tone-arm and dropping it back down on Satisfaction. But being an 8 year old, in all fairness, I did not pick up on who influenced the band.
Moving ahead a year or 2 into the seventies, thanks to my banjo picking other brother, I was pretty well steeped in the whole folky, singer/songwriter heyday. Until my buddy Jacques turned me onto Full House from The J Geils Band. From that time on, I remember a distinct line being drawn from mild, clumsy, over-the-shirt make out parties to Budweiser fueled, look at the white boy dance style hoe downs.
Dang, I'd never heard Chuck Berry licks come from a harp player before. Hell, who was Chuck Berry?
By this time, I was able to surmise that, while the Beatles and the Stones were from diverging planets, the Stones and the J Geils band were first cousins once removed. They just took different streets away from home. One went juke-joint-house party shuffle and the other went
drunkin' gospel swing.

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