Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Last Time

I'm working diligently, for the people, to make a concerted effort on my part, to minimize the use of another Stones' reference.

Like the Rolling Stones, who soaked up, recycled and returned to us their version of American R&B and Blues music, Japanese born and Hermosa Beach based designer, Yuki Matsuda, studied Americana with a vengeance.
While you're immediately drawn to the aesthetic details of Yuketen, it's the function and craftsmanship that are at the core. With each pair hand-tooled and sewn, only small production runs are manageable. In other words, if you're diggin these, best start your homework now.

Yuketen shoes and boots are just one of a few titles under the Yuki owned Meg Company. His love for the North American outdoors is obvious within his Monitaly and Chamula labels as well as his corduroy partnering with preeminent outerwear brand Canada Goose.

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