Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dino Danelli / Just Bitchin'

I'm grateful for recall. Not just for the sake of nostalgia, its really more about the button on the remote.
My remote control happy wife was controlling the remote last night, and let me say this, she would be equally happy watching the American Idol participants covering Bobby Goldsboro as she would The Stones. I'm reading in another room and I couldn't read loud enough. My ears perked only slightly when I heard Ed Sullivan announcing The Beatles, but was fairly certain I had seen that footage many times before, and wasn't about to stop doing what I was doing and get up off my lazy arse just to see it again. So I read on.

"Honey, you should check this out" my wife blurted. I'm taking this as an invitation to hang, but I was going through sections of old newspaper I'd saved because there was some good reason I'd saved them. I returned the volley, "Honey, I'm trying to throw things out, you know, I'm doing my part to help keep a tidy house." Not quite good enough for the bonus round, but a good score on some level non the less.

Then I heard Ed introduce The Animals. This, I have not seen. So I grabbed the crow bar reserved for intruders and pried me arse up from the bed just in time to catch The Rascals break into Good Lovin', and have never seen a more powerhouse drummer in my life...ever.
Energy, chops and over-the-top showmanship rolled into one.
Charlie Watts is a gentleman. Keith Moon was outrageous. But Dino Danelli is a Swiss army knife with a rocket attached.
Even my wife, whose eye for talent should not be underestimated, glanced over at me all wide- eyed, and with a touch of dramatic pause said, "whoa."

And I do think the young woman with the blond dreads should take it this year. Even though Taylor whats- his- name did the whole blues/blues rock thing, and for that reason, maybe that style won't float again but she definitly has the goods and the swagger. So good things will find her even if she doesn't win.
I'd like the damn remote now please.

Ed Sullivan's Rock&Roll Classics

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