Monday, March 1, 2010

H.D.Lee 191-LB

This good for nothin old tractor jacket is exactly that, good for nothin. And if your woman is naggin at ya ta clean out the coat closet, like mine's naggin at me, I've got just the answer.
Just so happens the Ladies Auxiliary is about to host their annual rummage sale here at the high school gym.
Just contact Truman via his comments section here at the blog. Pack er up and send er on to me simple as that.
There, ya got ridda that crappy ol thing and got yer wife off yer back all in one feller swoop.
Oh, and by the by, all the better if she's a 44-long or an extra large...the jacket that is, He-He!
We grow 'em big here in Sheridan Township! No Honey, I didn't mean you! - Les Izmoore

This crappy ol' jacket from

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