Thursday, March 11, 2010

Quick And Dirty

As the story goes, McQueen was able to get Paramount Studios to underwrite the Silver Vase team trip to East Germany to represent America in the 1964
International Six Days Trials by hiring Cliff Coleman and Bud and Dave Ekins as bodyguards to accompany him while he attended the European movie premier of
Love With A Proper Stranger.

Bud Ekins is well known, not only for his motorcycle riding and racing prowess, but for his stints as a stunt double. And it is Ekins who was filmed jumping the fence in The Great Escape.

In the 50s and 60s, Steve McQueen's scooter of choice was often a Triumph. And it was a Triumph he rode during the '64 ISDT. It also appears his riding gear of choice was the Barbour International, or the Barbour Suit as it was called. An oil or wax coated jacket and pants. A range originally designed by Duncan Barbour, son of a son of, THE J. Barbour And Sons in the 1930s to help keep motorcycle riders dry. Leathers, if fit snug enough, were often worn underneath.


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