Saturday, March 6, 2010

the flower and THE NEANDERTHAL

When I think back to the days when I would attack my drums, attack being kind, I think about the nite-clubs in Muskegon and how badly I wanted to impress the guy who sat in who participated, in some way I can't recall, to the Happy Days theme.

So I proceeded to bash away in my typical When The Levee Breaks kinda style, thinking I'd show him some kind of Newaygo County thunder he ain't never heard. When we finished what ever it was we were playing, Mr. I Played On The Happy Days theme was headed off stage and I stood up to pay respect to, well, Mr. I Played On The Happy Days theme, and he kind of gave me a look with eyebrows in full union that said, "articulate much?"

I was crushed. I'm such a neanderthal. My brush with greatness...tainted.
But you know, once you start out with a heavy right foot, it's kinda tuff to reign her back in. And besides, it says on top of my cymbals, Heavy Crash.
The knuckles, they keep a draggin...

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