Friday, March 5, 2010


I gotta say that, I say, "I gotta say" a lot. But I gotta say, I'm really looking forward to
Tammy Wynette, Tragic Country Queen by Jimmy McDonough, to drop any day now. McDonough, if you remember, also penned Neil Young's biography, Shakey.
20 years ago, you wouldn't have gotten more than a "Yeah, so?" outta me. And I probably would've uttered the same about Dolly and Porter Wagoner. And I really don't have any explanation for why I'm now yearnin for the dixie dirt. But with George and Tammy, you just know they're packin some heat, together AND apart. I like my country with cajones and this should have 'em in spades.
I gotta say...


  1. Jimmy McDonough also wrote the biography on the larger-than-life-life of Russ Meyer, titled, "Bare Bosoms and Square Jaws" FYI. It is essential reading.

  2. I almost forgot about that.Thanks for the reminder. Shakey was a good read but McDonough's Tragic Country Queen is beyond Tragic, It's painful. And I still have 200 pages to go.