Sunday, March 21, 2010

Summer Of Love

I started out today thinking about the transformational effect the Thompson submachine gun had on the summer of 1933. But this was sidelined when I remembered what it felt like to be sitting at the bar. Then finding myself at the operating end of this gear, making this noise that appears to be matching up with these other people who are standing on the same piece of carpet.

It's like a miniature manufacturing process. You first don the appropriate clothing. Go to your machine and when everything is ready, hit the power button. Let it run a few minutes, then turn it off. Check to see if what squirted out was acceptable. Make any adjustments. Then hit the power button again. Repeat till break time. Burn a quick one and down some swill. Then back at 'er.

Discovering the joy of the end product can sometimes be determined by how long your shift is.


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