Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'd Like It In A Moccasin Please

It's kinda like this, you don't really NEED that $2000 Gretsch White Falcon re-issue, but you really, really want it. In fact, you could come up with a few solid arguments that could justify, at least in your mind, why exactly that's a sound investment.

I don't really NEED a pair of Massachusetts' made Alden, Indy boots and probably could not come up with any justification, at least quickly (quickly being the key here, you cannot hesitate while building your case), to warrant the purchase of said footwear.

I could, however, potentially pull off a 3 day disappearance, conveniently allowing myself to be found disheveled on a local park bench, feeding squirrels Cheerios from a sandwich bag, mumbling incoherently about vintage wingtips, an achy foot and the promise to no-one in particular that from now on, I shall only treat my feet to the best. Psychological exam not withstanding.


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