Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Flyin' The...er, Plaid

The saying goes; " If you're old enough to remember a style the first time around, you're probably too old to wear it again.
You know what I say? I say fooey!
I'll do one better - I've never stopped wearing it!
It being an untucked flannel shirt, boots and jeans. True, while I wouldn't wear this get-up to work, I have managed to update it enough to sneak it past the naysayers. But it's still my weekend go-to uniform of choice (when I'm not wearing shorts).
"Ah yes", I says, I says I've benna cultivatin' this style for years.
Cultivatin? Whats to cultivate?

Photos from Flickr
That'd be Dylan on the left and Clapton holding court with Mr. Young.
(but then you probably new that)

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