Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lemme Tell Ya Bout My Day Job

I have probably the most un-glamorous job in the " fashion industry". That of Bottom Feeder. Or what's more commonly known as a sales rep.
The fact that I'm not a natural born people person has not added to my arsenal of selling ploys.
I'm also not a patient person. So when it comes to the fine art of small talk with a current or prospective customer, most of the time, I can't be bothered. Lets just get to the point shall we.
After all what we both really want is to just get the heck off the phone.
I've allowed myself to believe that my cut-the-crap attitude serves me well. To make up for the fact that my schmoozing abilities are somewhat manufactured, The brands I choose to represent most always speak for themselves. Hopefully not a lot of hemming and hawing goes on. The customer either loves it or or not, very little gray area and again, hopefully, sparing me any chit-chat.
Why do I put myself and my customers through this? Because I'm addicted to making people see what I see, believe what I believe and feel and what I feel. I figure if I dig it so will somebody else.
Now if only I could find them.

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