Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hey, Nice Shorts

(The title does not at all refer to the gentlemen pictured, It's really just a playful slap at a topic that really doesn't qualify any real commentary. After all, as long as somebody has a choice, somebody will also have an opinion).

I'm a bit bewildered by the notion that men in shorts could spark any amount of controversy.
Whether it's the style of shorts themselves or the sight of the exposed leg that extends below them. (Personally, if it's about the legs, and I ain't exactly gifted in the lower extremities, I don't spend a great deal of time analyzing their details. Sure, I've heard such terms of endearment used to describe them as; spindly, knobby, veiney, bumpy and the ever popular:''Hey Chicken Leg".
But at the end of the day, if you don't like it, don't look).
I suppose for the sake of the hiperati, there are likely a few do's and don'ts.
A short that falls too far below the knee and and you risk the spant. Kind of a hybrid long short/short pant made popular in Europe and really best befits a woman. A short that's cut too far above the knee, well, that's just, in a word, icky.
But a short that hits at the knee cap, in any size-shape-color-or form, you're golden.
I don't know that I can say I love shorts.They're just very utilitarian. I wear them all year round even when I walk the dog in the wintertime. Why? Cuz it motivates me to move quicker so I get done faster.
Really, for me, they're just an extension of my boxer shorts, just sturdier and with pockets.
What's all the hubbub about?

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