Friday, July 24, 2009

Quebecois, No?

One of the standout vacations as a youngin was to Quebec City ( founded in 1608 and the only fortified city in North America) and a stay at the magnificent Chateau Frontenac. An immense,
castle-like hotel with spires and turret-like architecture, it sits high above the Saint Lawrence River. Constructed in the 1890's, it was named in honor of Louis de Baude, Count of Frontenac and built for the Canadian Pacific Railway.
Just a few of the real strong memories I have are running amok throughout the hotel, much to the chagrin of hotel management, trying to get lost and my first sight of a woman wearing a black beret, walking along the narrow cobblestone alleyways of an art fair, wearing the shortest skirt I'd ever seen. This same vision was also shared by my mom (awkward) and dad (more awkward) who were also along. It's not a stretch really as to why this sight had permanently etched itself into my tender, young teenage psyche.
The remainder of our trip was a lengthy, cultural sojourn up the South Eastern bank of the Saint Lawrence out to the Gaspe Peninsula. With periodic stops along the way to quaint riverside fishing villages where the language is predominately Quebecois, or rather, French/Canadian.

pictures from Frontenac
and historic information from Wikipedia

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