Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hillbilly Travelogue Part 1

Sometime in the Spring of 2008 we received a check in the mail for around $1200 bucks and dang if we didn't feel compelled to spend it. Travel? You bet! Where would we go that we haven't been. Montana gets tossed around a lot. Montana it is.
Because of time and money constraints we could only give ourselves 5 days and 2 of those would have to be used for travel to and from. Out came the Atlas.
Since we both have the affinity for national parks we have to choose between Glacier to the North or Yellowstone / Tetons to the South. Because we really only have the 3 days, we think we'll get the most bang for our buck if we head down to Yellowstone.
Flyin' in to Bozeman in the early afternoon, we get a car and head for Yellowstone's North Entrance or just shy of it to the tiny berg of Gardiner, Montana to begin our real trek the next morning.
Shortly after daybreak and within an hour after leaving the park headquarters in Mammoth Springs we already spot a Black Bear slowly puttzing thru an opening in the trees maybe 100 feet from the road. How cool is that. The tone of the trip has been set.
Just an incredibly gorgeous drive along the west side of the park with Kathy manning the binocs, she spots a gray wolf trotting away in the distant flatlands. Now, onto Old Faithful who wasn't quite up to snuff. Seems he did what he could to erupt that day but then quickly fizzled.
I know old man, I know.

So hungry and longing for his wife after months in the mountains, the French-Canadian explorer, upon his first sight of the majestic peak dubbed it The Grand Teton, which, when translated to English means, The Big Teat.

-True story

Stay Tuned for Part Dos


  1. Monday has now been distracted with memories of Teton and Big Sky Country...Sigh....again!
    Thank you for that trip, T.E.T.