Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Icon Charles Taylor

One of the few articles of Punk throw-back regalia adults can sqweak by on. But only, and this is vitally important, only wear them in public after they look like they've been soiled on for, like at least 6 months. What you've got to do to make them look that way is up to you.
You really don't want to look like you just stumbled upon the adult hipster bandwagon. Drag 'em through dirt, soak 'em in mud, whatever you gotta do to carry off that I always new they were cool kinda look. Just remember nothing looks worse than a shiny new pair-o-chucks.
Having reached icon status, they are now deemed a classic in much the same way as, oh, rep stripe ties, wing tips and tweed.
My hat goes off to ya Chuck and especially to your feet cuz I still don't know how anybody can wear them all day long let alone for a full-on game a hoops.

Top photo: Chuck Taylors worn by Soul Asylum bass player
Karl H. Mueller as a gift to the Minnesota Historical Society

Bottom photo: From


  1. love me some chucks. I really need to get another pair of these. they played a big accessory to my childhood dresses.

  2. yes you should and yes they did!