Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Warm, Fat and Round, The Quintessential Bottom of The Fender Precision Bass

Any self-respecting, you call yourself a bass player, bass player should have one in their arsenal. Any self-respecting collector already does.
Designed by Leo Fender in 1951, it was the first mass produced electric bass guitar.
The Precision, or P-bass for short, was named for the addition of frets for precision as opposed to the fretless stand-up.
It was created as an answer for the physically tubby, tuff to carry and stay-in-tune
double bass and it helped fill the need for increasingly louder, bigger bands that were already powered by the electric guitar.
The bass, now able to perform a more dominant role in bands, propelled itself along with drums, to be a more driving rhythm section. Providing not only root and counterpoint melodies but anchoring the bottom as well.

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1966 snapshot of Mr. Entwhistle at CBS Studios from
77 Fender P from

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