Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gretsch Guitars, They Don't Get Much Fatter !

I don't profess to know much about guitars but I do know what I like. White Falcon, Country Gentlemen and the Duo Jet are just beautiful guitars.
This is a photo of George Harrison with his first Gretsch, a Duo Jet. (from the
And a rare shot of Pete Townshend with a 6120 (from


  1. Wonder if this is the Gretsch Country Gentleman, a gift from Joe Walsh, that Townshend recorded Who's Next with?

  2. By rare photo, I probably should have elaborated on the fact that when I was paying attention to Pete, it was during the early 70s and what stood out for me then where the Les Pauls and the SGs and maybe the odd Ric. So seeing the pic of him playing a Gretsch seemed a little un-Pete-like. Thank you for responding. That's an interesting question you brought up. I'm guessing if that were the case, that may have taken place during the seventies, no? Seems like a logical time for inter guitar god worship. Maybe I should check out Alan Coren's book. Thanks again.