Monday, July 20, 2009

The Mavericks With Carlene Carter / Sparta Rodeo / Early 90's

Although the Mavericks delivered a rollicking show as always, it was opener Carlene Carter's sassy set that was the standout. As memory sometimes serves me, the Mavericks were touring to support "What a Cryin' Shame" with Carter doing the same behind "Little Love Letters" and/or
"I Fell In Love". Both produced by the late Howie Epstein, who was nabbed from Coopersville native Del Shannon's band by Tom Petty then subsequently nabbed from Petty's Heartbreakers by Carlene Carter.
But what made it a show within a show within a show( and Ms Carter's secret weapon) was the addition of NRBQ's Big Al Anderson on guitar.
Melting faces with his Keith Richards-cum-Chuck Berry attack, he was the ultimate hired hand.

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Disclaimer: I've decided to expand on my periodic posting of Short List of Favorite Shows to
Most Memorable Shows. That way, if my recall spontaneously returns, I can share these new chestnuts with you, as they arrive. How cool is that?

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