Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Levi's 501-The Anti Fit- Thems Sum Britches

Depending on the wash of course, please no acid, stone or studded and say hello to rigid indigo, you can't go wrong. They fit over most boots. You can role 'em up or just leave 'em the heck alone.
I know I harp about 'em a lot but for the money, quality and fit, have I already said you can't go wrong?
I have one entire drawer devoted just to Levi's and the funny thing is, funny as in peculiar, I rarely if ever wash them.( "Honey, can you smell that?" "Smell what?") Why? Cuz I want them to retain their natural crunchiness. When I say rigid I mean rigid.
I've been shown and have felt denim that had a highly touted, soft-as-butter luxury feel with a price tag to match which might bode well as a skirt, but drape and denim don't jibe man, not on my watch. I'll take my $50 dolla-no-holla 501 jeans.


  1. Definitely..... A man cannot go wrong with a pair of 501's. I think it's telling that you devote a whole drawer to your Levi's, Todd. But even more telling is that you don't wash them. Crunch factor... I get it. But what about comfort? I don't want my jeans to feel like I'm wearing a potato chip bag. But then again, I'm a girl.

  2. Actually, the crunch is predominately on the outside and relative to how dark you want them to remain cuz they will fade. They've succeeded in making them pretty comfy on the inside.
    My love for them is as much the reason for having so many as is the fact that It spreads out the effect of "stinky trou".