Sunday, July 19, 2009

Trade Show Perdition

Weeks and weeks and weeks of phone calls from 11am till 6 at night. If you have a good relationship with your customers they'll take your call sooner than later...most of the time.
If you're cold calling someone who doesn't know you or your product, more calls will be made.
1 step forward 1 step back.
This is an ad-hock rundown on the cold call appointment seeking process - Sales 101.
-Hearing or reading about a store that potentially could carry your line.
-Identifying the buyer. Sometimes requires cunning maneuvers on lesser employees to access carefully guarded information. And only then, after acquiring such information through subtle scare tactics do you realize that, because you have a name, doesn't mean the next time you're on the line,( and you can barely make out your name being giggled over on the store intercom), that the person you need to speak to will drop everything right then and there and cry out;"I Must Take This Call".
In all likelyhood, the only time they pick up the phone is by mistake.
-How do you keep them on the phone long enough to convince them that they MUST see your stuff is mostly dumb luck with a few honest facts thrown in. Like, what other notable stores are carrying this line and what kind of press is it getting if any.
You gotta remember you're your own PR and Marketing firm and quite likely this one chance
lives or dies from this one conversation.
-In the event you've "tricked" them into an appointment and they actually show up, you're half way there. Now its up to the product to speak for itself and then hopefully, the stars will align.

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